Friday, March 16, 2012

Lots Of New Music For Bass Ensemble & the end of Uccello Projects blog

Lots Of New Music For Bass Ensemble & The End Of The "Uccello Project" Blog

A few years ago I was really fired up about organizing house concerts and had a bunch of really memorable shows, then in spring of 2010 along came the Atalanta Fugiens, a massive project consisting of 50 fugues. I went into a sort of practice/recording mode and after extensive trial and error, found the perfect bass ensemble combination to record the fugues with. These three part fugues, originally written for voices, lay remarkably well on the bass. The music has been done for some time and was mastered by Robert Rich. The fugues took me about a year to complete! It was so fun and intense, a real experience of growth musically, mentally, and spiritually. Of course I was concurrently doing all manner of gigs, other recording projects, as well as some really fun shows (two highlights: opening for Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller Bands and playing with Nat Grant in the first sung shows) ...and the not so small task of raising two daughters and trying my best to help my wife in her endeavors-needless to say its been *ultra* busy!

Over the last year and a half or so I've been keeping up a pretty fierce recording regiment up in my little loft (a.k.a. Tortilla Flats Studios) trying to keep up with the inspired flow of music that seems to be bubbling up out of my basses. At this point I have quite a back log of new music for bass ensemble recorded, and am trying to figure out the best way to stagger the release of it all. I really feel proud of all this new music and want to give it it's just due, but I also want to get it out there soon, so I've set myself up a little release schedule for the next year.

The album set to be released soonest, on the spring equinox (march 20th) to be exact, is called ARCHAEUS. It was recorded in the summer of 2011. It features bass ensemble plus the Chinese wind instrument: Hulusi. Archaeus is the result of a test recording I made after finally getting a custom Rick Turner pick up system installed on my upright bass.

Another record that I have just completed using my two "dream basses" (see the last post about these instruments) features one of my all time bass heroes: Steve Lawson. I know, I know, "how many basses are there on this thing!?!" Also there's Mike Shannon on drums, and the amazing multi-instrumentalist Dayan Kai on keyboards and drums. The main tracks were recorded the the end of January 2012 at sax man/band leader, Roger Eddy's studio in Monterey. This project was also a 'runaway' record so to speak. It was originally going to be only 1 song, but the recording session yielded more material than I thought it would and then another related piece resurfaced from the depths and it seemed to take on a life of it's own! Dayan also generously donated his considerable mixing talents and helped dial in a really nice sounding project-I couldn't be prouder of how it sounds.

This album is as yet unnamed, but I do know that it will be released in late spring and a significant portion of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank Of Monterey County. More info on this as the release date approaches.

Another one of the upcoming albums is called OMNIFORM.  Another is a re-edited/remixed/re-mastered version of "The Forest That Hears And the Field That Sees".

Sidenote:  I will no longer be posting to this blog, but it will remain here as a documentation of Uccello Project's activities.  The name Uccello Project will in fact, be retired.  At this point I will be releasing projects under my name.  My new "web hub" is here: - 

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