Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New 'virtual duo' sung release 'Melbourne, Monterey'

The new duo 'sung' comprised of Steve Uccello and Australian percussionist, Nat Grant have released a new CD: 'Melbourne, Monterey'. The new release contains an array of string and percussion instruments as well as electronics. The whole record was done virtually by Nat and Steve by sending files across the web for about a year. To learn more about the duo, and the record check out this wonderful podcast done by Jeff Schmidt (Musician/Producer/Bassist, KFOG/KSAN Creative Director, Contract Sound Designer World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Diablo 3, & other games/films)

To purchase a high quality download of 'Melbourne, Monterey', simply click the 'BUY' button on the above BandCamp player. There are a limited number of physical CD's available, if you'd like one purchase the download from the BandCamp player and email us at - - with your address. You can also visit us at our sung Myspace profile.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Bass Looping On The San Lorenzo?

Bass Looping on The San Lorenzo-April 24th, 2010 6pm in Felton, Ca

Here's a little background about the upcoming 'Bass Looping On The San Lorenzo' event. It's a house concert right on the beautiful San Lorenzo River near the Covered Bridge in Felton. The show will center around TheBass (Upright, Electric, more...) and the art of Live Looping. Though it will be an intimate, little show, it's inspired by Rick Walker's groundbreaking Y2k Bass/Drum Looping Festival, which featured Steve Lawson (Here's a cool interview by Daniel Elliot with Steve Lawson, Michael Manring, and Rick Walker done around the time of that festival). This upcoming house concert was also inspired by the amazing time I had listening/attending/playing at the latest of Rick's amazing Y2K series. I'm aware that there' a lot going on around the world in regards to these arts, these are just the things that spurred me into the worlds of solo bass and live looping.

Though hoping to make this an event that will draw Central Coast bassists and loopers together and promote the expanding role of the bass as well as the inspiring art of Live Looping, I am also exhilarated about the wide ranging appeal that the music will have. The lineup that's featured on this special event goes way beyond just being bassists or loopers, they are artists whose goal is to transcend the 'tools' they're using and create enchanting music in and of itself. It's exiting to me that a non-bass/looping crowd could walk in and simply listen to the sweet sound from these fantastic artists, with eyes open or closed. I feel that is a good way to bring these more obscure art forms to people's attention and thereby reward the listener with quality, unique music and, hopefully, to create opportunities for the practitioners of such arts.

I'm extremely proud to be organizing and playing at this show. The bassists involved are all such uniquely musical people! Dan Robbins and Zach Parkes are a treat to hear playing within an ensemble, but their solo music extends the bass beyond the conventional supportive role in varied and beautiful ways! Then there'sMatt Bohn a.k.a. The Bass Doctor, a community pillar for bassists as a luthier, as well as a stunningly powerful bassist. Matt has chosen the finale piece, Big Brother, by Stevie Wonder, and suggested doing it as a bass quartet (2 uprights, 2 electrics). It promises to be really fun! Also joining in on percussion will be the legendaryArmando Mafufo. The music will start around 6 but make sure to come early (5ish) to enjoy a potluck and a little hang by the river.

-I'd love to see you there! RSVP me at 831-801-4920 or for the details

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bass Looping on The San Lorenzo APRIL 24th

Hello all! Steve Uccello here, announcing the next House Concert I'm organizing. It will be an event centered around two of my favorite things in music: Bass and Live Looping.

On Saturday, April 24th 6pm, in Felton, the ground will rumble with the beautiful sounds of bass. The show will feature the inimitable DAN ROBBINS playing his intricate and fiery solo bass music. Also the subversive, part time deck-hand/bassist/student, Zach Parkes, will be opening the show with some of his beautiful solo bass music. In the middle of all this I will play a set of my acoustic/bass/looping tunes. I will be accompanied by the legendary Armando Mafufo on a bit of Percussion. As a 'Grand Finale' Matt Bohn (A.K.A. The Bass Doctor) Dan, Zach, and myself, will perform a song especially arranged for this event together in a bass quartet featuring two upright basses and two electric basses! It promises to be an evening of fantastic music whether you're a fan of bass, looping gadgets, or just a lover of beautiful music in general! Also, please come early at 5pm for a bountiful potluck. This is a House Concert at a private residence in Felton, CA (near the Covered Bridge) right on the San Lorenzo River, it should be a sweet hang as well as an epic show! Join us and enjoy the food/drinks/music/friends! (Suggested donation: $10)

Please RSVP to me at 831-801-4920 or for details

Friday, March 12, 2010

Uccello Project is very excited to be featured as the opening act for Kim Boekbinder
Thursday March 18th At The Alternative Cafe, Seaside CA

Check out this wonderful night of music if you are in the area, or if you're out of the area and you want to come hear a great show!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Symmetria Reviewed On Foxy Digitalis

On February 10, 2010, Symmetria was reviewed on Foxy Digitalis by contributor, David Perron. We are very exited about this, as Symmetria is Audio Centaur's first release.

Here's a link to the review on Foxy D's website: Symmetria Review on Foxy Digitalis

Here is the review pasted into this post:

Uccello Project "Symmetria"

First of all, it must be noted that “Symmetria” has some truly stunning artwork and packaging, something that can seldom be said of most CD releases. Featuring intricate ink drawings and letterpress design, not to mention lengthy excerpts of spiritual texts, there is plenty to ponder while taking in the sounds of this album.

As a listening experience, “Symmetria” is also quite dense. Steve Uccello, the gentleman behind this project, is clearly a gifted bass player and multi-instrumentalist, and his talents span numerous styles and genres. Aside from the requisite grandiosity, quite typical of album blurbs, it is worth printing the statement provided on the fold-out poster that comes in this album as it does lend some clarity to Uccello’s intent:
Fourteen songs, weaving golden darkness with otherworldly joy, unfold. Seamlessly, canopies of free form Jazz give way to mystical Folk , and passages of languid Prog become swarming Baroque lines. We sojourn over oceans of horse hair on gut drone, through labyrinths, to islands dreaming of pixillated flora and fauna. This is music of an imaginal America: where the exotic lounge of the fifties is forged with the Psych of the sixties, and Chinese masters of the ancient Guqin strum in bayous alongside the first practitioners of the Blues. Uccello Project travels deep into the earth, where roots of distant musical lineages converge.

Apart from sounding like a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, this statement does highlight the multitude of styles that course through “Symmetria”, sometimes within individual songs. The more rock-leaning, groove-based moments, like in “Garnet Film” and “Place of Seven Turns”, have a whiff of early Tortoise in them, but Uccello is more prone to detouring into non-Western tones.

While I can appreciate the high-level of musicianship on display here, I have a difficult time fully getting behind “Symmetria”. Much of this sounds a bit overly studied and a bit too polished for my tastes, bearing a sort of New Age/Bass Player Magazine sensibility that is lost on me. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a bass player or Dungeon Master though. 6/10 -- David Perron (10 February, 2010)