Thursday, October 1, 2009

Symmetria Reviewed In Bass Musician Magazine

Symmetria has just received a great review in the October/November edition of the Northwest's own, Bass Musician Magazine. The magazine staff has been particularly supportive and have given me encouragement and motivation during the process of creating Symmetria, more on that later, at my other 'side blogect', "Steve Uccello's Blog-The Perspective Of An Independent Musician" if I get around to writing about the story behind the progress of the creative process.

In any case I am extremely exited about the review and just to give a little back ground, in their own words:

" Bass Musician Magazine, a bi-monthly virtual bass magazine and community, is unlike any other as far as content is concerned. We feature a world class staff of diverse and extremely experienced bass players in their own field, covering not just the more or less "how to" approach, but looking into the methodology and personal experiences these players have to offer as well to gain insight on what we hope to make the focal point of this magazine, that being, becoming a better "musician".

Bass Mucician Magazine
features articles on the most influential players (known and unknown) of our day. Our regular columns cover a vast amount of musical territory with a diverse look at any and all pertinent info that will aid what we feel should be the main focus of any aspiring bassist, finding "your own voice"."

Uccello Project is honored to have Symmetria reviewed in such a respectable publication. Follow this link to see the review, written by performer, writer, and educator Damian Erskine :

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