Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clarified Birds

The Forest That Hears And the Field That Sees

Inspired by the amazing Hieronymus Bosch painting, “The Forest That Hears And The Field That Sees”, the second release from Audio Centaur, a label with the unique goal of melding the visual with the aural arts, attempts to create an enriching experience by joining the power of music with the magic of viewing art. Audio Centaur also continues its’ mission to bring back the luxury of vinyl packaging to the CD format while offering a product for the same price someone might pay for a digital download. When complete, along with the full, 33-minute piece of music, there will be extensive letter pressed, customized art by J.F. Uccello. This art will be designed to view while listening to the music.

The best of both worlds are encompassed: if one wishes to import the audio to an mp3 player, focusing only on the sounds, one can, or if one chooses to appreciate the visual side on its’ own, that can be done as well. But, the most rewarding 3rd option is to explore the art while listening to the music and thereby enjoy the alchemy of sight and sound intertwined!

The music was totally improvised, no plan whatsoever excepting to try and match the feeling of Bosch’s masterwork. The music was recorded all in one take using the art of live looping (for a description of live looping check out master looper, Steve Lawson’s looping basics video.) This video (about half the piece) is of the performance in the studio by Steve Uccello. It’s intended to give a taste of the music, and an inside view into how it was created. After recording the initial tracks there was minimal mixing and editing (an extended ending was added using Digital Performer) and what you see and hear is done totally live with Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, and Dobro Slide Bass. After the long and arduous task of completing Symmetria, which involved lots of overdubbing and editing, this newest piece reflects a desire for a more live, flowing approach to the creation process. This piece truly created itself!

Please follow this blog or add a bookmark for it to get the latest news on the impending release of the full length, art laden CD of Clarified Birds: The Forest That Hears And the Field That Sees.

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