Monday, May 11, 2009

Ideas Behind the Album 1

This article deals with the tradition in Japanese belief, that objects have or can acquire souls over time. It confirms the mission of Uccello Project, to create an object that has some feeling in it beyond just the moment one plays it on the stereo. The actual paper, the design, the essence of the object is important. Over time, what happens to an object upon which one lavishes attention?

The Japanese Concept of Things

Monday, May 4, 2009

Magnetic Domain

Magnetic Domain, sequestered in bowed drones, is liquidly dark cornerstone of Symmetria. Live version played in Monterey, at the home of Uccello Project.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uccello Project, Symmetria, Golden

"Golden" is the opening track of Symmetria; this is a live version of the song, in all its looped glory.

Uccello Project: Symmetria

The Symmetria master is at the factory, awaiting its next stage on the way to completion. The artwork is moments away from being finalized and spirited off from the Aerie to the auspices of Stumptown Printers. Much hard work has been put into this. We are quite excited about the results, and trust it will meet with surprise and delight by those who acquire it. The Uccello Project is a conglomeration of art and music masterminded by bassist Steve Uccello. SYMMETRIA is an album where many streams successfully merge into a current of joy, mysticism, and quietude. Dreaming drones, jazz, Chinese and European classical inflections...